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Maple Leaf Tax Canada has experience handling accounting matters pertaining to this industry. Regardless of what type of operations our clients have running, we can seamlessly step in and take responsibility for their tax and accounting obligations. It can be confusing and difficult trying to handle these issues alone. Don’t take any financial chances, call us today for the best financial advice.

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  • Annual Tax Summary

  • Vehicle Mileage (personal & business)

  • Meals/Drinks for customers

  • Parking Fees

  • Telephone (business portion)

  • License fees

  • Vehicle costs (licensing, fuel, insurance, interest, mainteance, leasing)

  • CCA

  • Uber Information: https://www.uber.com/ca/en/drive/tax-information/


  • Business Tax Returns

  • Maintain travel logs

  • Maximize taxes payable with deductions such as:

    • Fuel

    • Truck Costs

    • Repairs and Maintenance

    • Cell Phones

    • Insurance

    • Admin Fees

    • Tolls and Weight Fees

    • Electronics

    • Accounting

    • Office Space

    • Bank Charges and Interest

    • And Much More!



If you are always on the road and don't have time to manage your income and expenses, leave the book keeping to Maple Leaf Tax Canada so you can continue to drive and earn income for your business

Get in touch with us today and see how our accounting expertise can help save you time, effort, and money.